Merry Christmas!!


Minna, I wish you all a merry Christmas,  with tons of presents and the company of your loved ones!

And here’s some santa Kurisu-chan as my gift for you 😀

Yours trully,

Hikigaya Haru


Hajimemashite everyone!

Hi everyone, and welcome to my latest adventure, this anime blog!  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ   

As this is the blog’s first post, I believe I should present myself or something, right? Well, my name is Hikigaya Haru (Haru or Hiki if you prefer :p), currently living in Portugal and an engineering student. As you might guess, I’m the usual avid anime/manga fan, although I’m getting more and more into VN’s as of late.

Enough chitchat, and let’s get down and dirty to a presentation of this blog. As I said, this is my latest adventure, and one I hope that lasts for a long time! I started this blog mainly because I love anime and manga, and want to share that love with more people, but also as a means to improve both my creative writing skill (which really sucks (>_<). Yay for engineering nerds! -.-‘) and my ability to reach out to people.

With all that said, please sit down, relax and enjoy the ride. Give me your opinions and, most of all, enjoy yourselves!

Hikigaya Haru

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Since I couldn't decide on a pic for the first post, here's some Kona-chan!

Since I couldn’t decide on a pic for the first post, here’s some Kona-chan 😛