Ultimate Madoka PVC Figure (Good Smile)

I’ve been searching around amazon for new figmas, and this one really caught my fancy. I’m a fan of the Madoka series, and this one is one of the best figmas I’ve seen of the series.


The quality of the figure is just awesome, the amount of detail is really superb. You can clearly see that every nook and cranny was thought of, and that really makes a figure of outstanding quality.


To me one of the most important features of a figure is the facial expression, and I must say that this one is perhaps the best I’ve ever seen. It’s incredibly close to the anime art, and very detailed.



You ¬†can buy it at amazon.com here, and, at the time I wrote this post, it was 50% off! This figure costs over USD$200, so it’s a real bargain! I’ll surely try to get one sometime ūüėČ


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Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica Taxis in Japan

So, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m a big nerd and otaku. That being said, one of the things that I envy the most in Japan are their unusual decorations in trains, buses and other transports. Now, they decided to give their taxis a makeover, Madoka style!

Who wouldn’t want to ride on these?

Choei-Taxi, who did this sort of thing before, partnered with the Puella Magi Madoka Magica Art Exhibit to bring these unique and awesome taxis to Sapporo. Why can’t I have something like this nearby? Hey, Japan, Portugal is full of otakus too!!!

Man, I would surely pay to ride one of these taxis… They are just so awesome… And Madoka-chan is just so… hnnnnn~… I want to hug her…

Get more pics in choei-taxi’s twitter (@choeiotaxi)

If you like Madoka Magica try to support the series please. Each purchase of a DVD/BD contributes to create new and awesome anime, as well as increasing the volume of the Anime and Manga market in the West. If you want to buy the DVDs/BDs, here are the links from amazon.com (on request I can also list links from other country’s amazon store):

Blu-Ray Volume 1
Blu-Ray Volume 2
Blu-Ray Volume 3

DVD Volume 1
DVD Volume 2
DVD Volume 3

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The diferent mediums of anime industry

I’ve decided to post this since many people believe that anime and manga are the only mediums of the anime industry, and I’ve lost count to the number of times I’ve explained people how wrong they were… So, what are the different mediums in the anime industry?

  • Anime
    For many, the main (or only) medium they have contact with. Anime is the japanese equivalent of cartoons, however it has some unique features:

    • Cartoons usually cater to the younger audiences, namely kids and young teenagers, but sometimes also to adults, while anime’s range of audiences is fairly bigger, ranging from the 10-16 year olds (the¬†“Shounen”¬†demographic) to the 18-30-ish year olds (the¬†“Seinen”¬†demographic), although it isn’t unusual to see people in their 30’s enjoying¬†Shounen¬†anime and kids enjoying¬†Seinen¬†anime;
  • Manga
    For those that just entered the anime-fandom, it’s not unusual to be oblivious to the existence of manga. Manga is the japanese equivalent of comics, but, as with anime, has¬†it’s own twists that make it very different:
    • Instead of being mostly colored, manga is drawn and printed in black and white, although sometimes the mangaka (the name of the person who writes and draws the manga) might add a few coloured pages if asked by the publisher;
    • In comics, the stories are written usually by more than one person, while in the case of manga the mangaka writes the story solely by himself (with very few exceptions), with the occasional input of the series’ editor;
    • Comics usually cater to the younger audiences, namely kids and young teenagers, but sometimes also to adults, while manga’s range of audiences is fairly bigger, ranging from the 10-16 year olds (the¬†“Shounen” demographic) to the 18-30-ish year olds (the “Seinen” demographic), although it isn’t unusual to see people in their 30’s enjoying Shounen manga and kids enjoying Seinen manga;
    • While there are comics whose target audience is composed of both males and females, it doesn’t usually have series targeted to the female audience, while in manga there is an entire sub-set devoted to female-oriented manga: Shoujo (the female counterpart of Shounen) and Josei (the female counterpart of¬†Seinen). These series usually have more romantic side, while some also have homosexual content, also featuring a different drawing style compared to male-oriented manga.
  • Manhwa
    Manhwa are comics of South Korean origin. Manhwa has its own style that distinguishes it from both Comics and Manga. There are different styles of Manhwa, some being long strips containing several scenes, while other can be said to be based or to have influences from Manga. While their origin isn‚Äôt from Japan, Manhwas are becoming more and more popular among Manga readers¬†(Thanks to Super Clumsy Monster (scmonster.wordpress.com)¬†for the tip ūüėČ )
  • Light Novels
    Light Novels are basically anime/manga in a novel format. Many series’ main medium is the light novel, which is a fairly risk-free way to enter the anime/manga market. Usually light novels are arround 200 pages long, with arround 10 illustrations per book. They are written in the traditional japanese way, meaning that the text is written vertically, from right to left.
  • Visual Novels
    Visual Novels are something foreign to most western people. The most approximate comparison would be a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book only on a computer. Visual Novels are “games” in which the player reads a story, and has limited input in the game, usually in the form of branching points in the game’s plot. Usually, each choice the player makes influences the outcome of the game, with several ending-scenarios (or “routes”) written, requiring the player to make several play-throughs to complete every “route”.
    The Visual Novel market has a great number of titles who are mainly aimed to males, featuring beautifull girls (“bishoujo-games”), and whose objective is to complete each character’s romantic plot. Although not having as much expression, there are also titles who are aimed at girls, with the difference of the characters being male (“otome-games”). There are also Visual Novels who are pornographic in nature, usually called “eroge”.

Well, if you liked this post, or have any comments, sugestions or critics please feel free to use the comment section below ūüėČ

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