Rosario + Vampire ending [Warning! Spoilers!]

[WARNING – Contains spoilers!]

So, R+V just ended… and FFS, it was a god awfull ending! WTH? Outer-Moka was nothing more than a “copy” of Akasha’s personality? Really? In the end, all the pain he endured was for nothing? Why didn’t he at least end up with Inner-Moka+Outer’s memories or something? GAAAAAHHHHH, I’m pissed as hell! It should have been a lovey-dovey ending!!


Damn it, i’m really pissed…

Still,  one heck of a story… I’ll give it a 10/10, it really deserves it.

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Rosario + Vampire Season II Manga Ending in February

Unfortunately, I received the news that one of my favourite manga series is going to end… I really loved Rosario+Vampire, it went from a typical romance manga to a battle manga, while retaining each and every inch of what made it unique in the first place. It is sad to see it go, but it is with happiness that I see it ending, because it will be (I hope) the happy ending of a struggle of love between Moka, Tsukune and everyone!

Original article: Rosario + Vampire Season II Manga Ending in February (ANN).

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