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I know that I’ve been making episodic reviews of anime up until now, but, truth be told, that takes a lot of time (20 mins per episode+around 2 hours for reviewing) and, right now, time is a luxury commodity for me ^^’ (as you could have noticed from my prolonged absence). As such, I plan to make episodic reviews of only one or two series and then put up a review for the other series as a whole, which is kinder to my schedule.

So, Outbreak Company was one of he series in the past season’s to-watch list. I started watching it knowing that it would be your typical moe-filled anime, and, although I do enjoy moe, there is so much I can take in a single season until I’m fed up. However, never once did Outbreak Company felt like it was exaggerating the moe-factor, and it made for a very decent watch :).



Plot: (6/10)
As expected of a moe-anime, the plot was fairly nonexistent, being mainly an episodic series without much of a “main-arc”. Still, it was a fairly decent watch, not even a single time did it felt boring. The idea of Japan exporting Otaku Culture to an undeveloped land is interesting and something new in the recent outbreak of Highschool-Slice-of-Life-Moeshit that spammed the industry in the past few years. Even more, they made it more interesting by adding an otaku (even more, a hikikomori) as the cornerstone of the endeavor.

I agree!

I agree!

Also, this series managed to approach some unusual themes, like equality, racism and class differentiation in society to a certain extent. All in all, the story was pretty much interesting, even if the main plotline was close to null.

Characters: (7/10)
In general the characters where very likeable (mainly Miusel (>.<))

Shinichi is your typical male MC, devoid of any social skills and very awkward at first (and a hikikomori to boot), a unexpected “Harem-King” (because, let’s face it, every MC like that ends up becoming a “Harem-King”), yet quick of mind and hero-ish when it is needed (perhaps due to reading too much manga and watching too much anime). However, he is fairly powerless, so he ends up being saved by the girls all the time. Not really that much of a memorable character, but he’s likeable.

Miusel is the main moe-source of the series. A half-elf who has lived her entire life bearing the stigma of being a mixed breed, she developed feelings for Shinichi due to him treating her like an equal and not just as a maid/”lesser being”. She is very capable in all house-keeping tasks, proficient in attack magic and cares about the MC a lot. Also, her moe-level is high, I must say :P. Although not an outstanding character (you probably won’t remember her in a year or so), she is, by far, the most appealing character in the whole series.





Outbreak Company - 09




Petrarca fills both the tsundere and loli roles in this series. She is a petite girl (ok, she’s as flat as a plank) that rules over the kingdom of Eldant. She starts developing feelings for Shinichi due to his over-openness and lack of restraint with her. Sincerely, I really disliked her. She was pretty much there just for the loli-moe (although she had her moments), not really adding much to the series overall.

The onli pic of Petrarca I can stand, 'cause Mahou Shoujo FTW!

The onli pic of Petrarca I can stand, ’cause Mahou Shoujo FTW!

As for supporting characters, we had Minori, the female JSDF officer responsible for Shinichi’s safety and a BL lover. She was a very amusing character throughout the series, and portrayed well the struggle between doing your job and doing what is right. Out of all the support characters, she was the best one. As for the the others, no one stood out much (not even the inumimi-girl whose name I can’t remember and I’m too lazy to look it up).

Them maids... :3

Them maids… :3

Visuals: (6/10)
As for the illustrations and animation, the art style is clearly not my favourite, although one cannot call it bad. it is well done overall, although some more attention to details would have been a good improvement. The animation was pretty normal, nothing out of this world, although some scenes could have benefited from more attention and care (and a few more frames) in the animation.

Overall, it was an interesting and enjoyable series. I give it a 6,5/10 (you can round it up to 7)

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